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Luke Combs stopped his performance in the middle of a song last week at Coyote Joe’s in North Carolina to help a fan he saw pass out. 

One fan captured the moment on a video and posted it to Tiktok. Luke stopped singing his tune “Refrigerator Door” and said to the crowd asking for security, “Hold on a second, y’all got a medic in here? Somebody fell out right here. We need some help in here y’all. You got anybody, anybody [to help] will do really.”

Combs then gave the man a bottle of water before asking the crowd to make room for medics, “Make a hole right here so we can get this man some help.”

After assisting the fan, the sold-out crowd can be here chanting Luke’s name. 


Luke Combs stops show to help a guy who passed out #coyotejoes

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Over the weekend, Luke played at a sold-out stadium in Atlanta; he posted to Instagram, “Atlanta! Thank you for an awesome night. Y’all showed up big time! It’s always good to be back in Georgia to play some country music for y’all.


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