The Big Wake Up With Don Chase and Sarah

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Sarah got a chance to hang out with Luke Combs again recently, and couldn't pass up the opportunity to recreate a classic photo.

Luke Combs recently performed at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, and I had the privilege of going to see him!

It’s been a few years since I’ve seen Luke perform live. In fact, the very FIRST time I met Luke, his first single “Hurricane” had just come out.

It was right after I moved to North Carolina. Hurricane Matthew had just devastated the area. So Parmalee, Luke Combs, and Runaway June were putting on a show at East Carolina University to raise money for the Red Cross.

Back in the radio meet and greet area, I told Luke I had a habit of taking silly pictures because I wasn’t a fan of usual poses. He loved the idea, took the picture with me, and I wished him luck.

Flash forward to last Saturday in Atlanta. I see Luke once again. We caught up about that time when Hurricane Matthew had hit, and I showed him our picture. He said “We gotta keep the tradition goin’!” So here’s the then and now pictures!

It’s amazing looking at the 6-year difference in these pictures. We look the same, yet so incredibly different.

As always, Luke Combs was gracious, kind, appreciative, and down to earth. He’s a superstar through and through!