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The "Dive Bar" ice cream bar from Miller High Life and Tipsy Scoop, is available now nationwide.

I don’t know about you, but dive bars and ice cream are two of my favorite things, and Miller High Life is doing its best to give me the best of both worlds.

It’s honestly like Miller High Life looked into my dreams and created this masterpiece.  The Champagne of Beers has teamed up with Tipsy Scoop to bring us this one of a kind sweet treat.  Not only is the flavor Dive Bar, it also boasts a buzz inducing 5% ABV!

But what does a Dive Bar actually taste like, you ask? Well, according to Molson Coors “the frozen treats start with actual Miller High Life which is infused into the ice cream. The ice cream is given a peanut swirl in honor of the “quintessential dive bar snack,” as Miller describes it in the announcement. Also included is a “hint of tobacco smoke flavor” and a gooey caramel swirl which is intended to mimic that “distinct sticky dive bar floor feeling.” A sprinkle of carbonated candy is included to bring back the fizziness drinkers expect from a freshly poured beer. And finally, the whole ice cream bar is “dipped in dark chocolate to evoke the dark wood and dim lighting ambiance that all good dives share.”

According to Molson Coors, here’s the key elements:

  • a chocolate dipping to evoke the dark wood and dim lighting in dive bars;
  • a peanut swirl, a nod to classic dive-bar snack;
  • a hint of vanilla smoke flavor that invoke dive bars’ distinct smell;
  • a swirl of caramel to represent dive bars’ sticky floors (no worn carpet flavor here); and
  • a sprinkle of fizzy, carbonated candy to bring Miller High Life’s effervescence to every bite

This flavor adventure can be purchased from Tipsy Scoop here. Of course you must be 21 or over to purchase.

“These are premium ice cream bars that are reminiscent of all the scents and tastes of the dive bar that you actually want to taste,” says Bob Vydra, associate marketing manager for Miller High Life. “They’re an ode to the High Life – in the form of ice cream.”

I don’t know about you, but I’ll take a Dive Bar over a Dove Bar any day of the week.

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