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While earthquakes aren't super common in North Carolina, there have been a few in recent weeks.

North Carolina isn’t exactly a hotbed of earthquake activity, but there are a few small earthquakes here and there.

There have actually been four measured earthquakes in North Carolina in the last two weeks. The biggest of the four was only 2.1 in magnitude.

  • August 16 – 1.8 magnitude, near Troutman, NC
  • August 14 – 2.0 magnitude near Spruce Pine, NC
  • August 8 – 2.0 magnitude near Archdale, NC
  • August 2 – 2.1 magnitude near Blowing Rock, NC

Most people won’t feel earthquakes that small. The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality says that generally people won’t really start feeling many earthquakes until they are somewhere around 3.5 on the Richter Scale.

An earthquake in 2011 was felt along most of the East Coast, and did cause some minor problems in North Carolina.

“Major earthquakes do not happen very often in North Carolina. Smaller earthquakes have been known to happen in the state,” ReadyNC says in their earthquake preparation guide. “The 2011 East Coast earthquake reminded North Carolinians that earthquakes in other states can cause problems in our state.”

Our neighbors to the South in South Carolina see a lot more earthquakes than we do. A recent story in The State, said that at least 68 earthquakes have been detected down there. And our neighbors to the West in Tennessee see a lot as well, especially in the mountains, which can sometimes be felt in North Carolina as well.


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