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Emily Rose Grover is suing her former school district and law enforcement, alleging her civil rights were violated after she was accused of rigging a homecoming election.

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Emily Grover of Tampa, Florida is dragging local law enforcement and the local school district into court because, in her words, her civil rights were violated.

So, how far would you go to become homecoming queen? Emily Grover apparently was willing to do whatever it took in order to wear the crown.

The details that we have so far are that Emily’s mother happens to work at the school that Emily attends. As an employee, she was able to give Emily access to the school’s computer information system.

With this access, Emily was allegedly able to not only vote but she also cast hundreds of additional votes for herself, back in March of 2021.

As expected, when law enforcement arrived they placed Emily and her mother under arrest. She pled no contest to the charges last year, and the charges were dropped after she completed a diversion program.

But now, Emily now has an attorney and is suing saying her civil rights were violated, because they never proved she actually did it and it cost her college scholarships.