Gunner Jackson

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Driving up and down I-95 has become quite the chore with construction and big trucks.

I’m not sure if you have had the same experience when visiting Raleigh. I found myself white knuckling all the way up there, and all the way back with the Interstate system such a mess.

You have barriers on either side, work zones, and tractor trailers rolling at crazy speeds in those zones.

What do you do in that case to get away? I decided to accelerate big-time!

Maybe we need a refresher course identifying road signs. I knew when my speedometer reached 85 the possibility of being pulled over went up quite a bit.

I made my mind up that I would explain to the officers should that happen, that the tractor-trailer trucks are pushing me as though I were racing in Talladega.

So, I wonder do you use your hazard lights or what? Take a look at these websites to so you know state laws & posted signs.