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Were these weird looking potato slices the cure Sarah's family needed? Read and find out!

Have you ever heard of crazy cures to common problems? This cure for the common cold that involves potatoes is going viral on TikTok!

I was so happy to go back up to Pennsylvania and visit my family for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, a few of my family members were dealing with colds. They had your typical side effects- coughing, sneezing, runny nose, etc.

My sister, who was one of those suffering from cold symptoms, showed me a TikTok she came across that said if you slice a piece of potato and put it on the bottoms of your feet, inside you socks overnight, the potato peel will help pull out toxins from your body.

In the TikTok from, the potato peels were almost completely black after being on her sick daughters feet overnight. However, when she placed potatoes on her own, healthy, feet overnight, they were nearly the same as they had looked the night before. Crazy right?!

Replying to @tobytucker1 WOW!! This amazed me even more!! Potatoes for the win!! Definitely add them to your cure remedy! 🙌🏼🥔🙌🏼 #potato #potatoes #potatotiktok #cure #grandmarecipes #naturalremedy #holistichealth #potatochallenge

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Well, my sister Katie just HAD to try it for herself. So she sliced her potato and put the peels in her socks overnight. When she woke up, she was quite surprised!

In her own words, Katie said “The potatoes felt cold and wet! But when I woke up, it was the first morning in weeks that I didn’t have to take a half hour to clear my nose! I could breathe!”

As for the potatoes? They were black!

Have you tried this hack? What other common household remedies have you heard of for helping to cure a cold?