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Black River Entertainment artist Josiah Siska, left, with accompaniment from Brandon Will, performed at the KML Studio B Sessions.

Josiah Siska has had a winding path to Fayetteville, and his route is paying off, with the upcoming release of his new single: “3 Tequila Floor.”

Siska shared the song Tuesday afternoon, as part of his visit to the KML Studio B Sessions. He was joined by the team from Black River Entertainment, and accompanied by Brandon Will.

“This is one of my favorite songs I’ve recorded,” Siska shared with the KML audience. “The music video was a lot of fun, and we had the premier for CMT. My director for the video describes it as a ‘Star Wars cantina scene, meets ‘The Hangover.’ It’s fun when you add country music in the middle of that.”

Siska – a native of Dacula, Georgia – was on American Idol in 2016, but he’s blazing a path for himself away from reality show country.

Here’s a look at the live performance of “3 Tequila Floor,” and you can watch the full Studio B Sessions video below that as well.

Live with Josiah Siska and Brandon Will in our Studio B sessions! Thanks Black River Entertainment!

Posted by 95.7 WKML on Wednesday, February 1, 2023