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Sam Hunt became a father in the summer of 2022 when his first child, a daughter named Lucy Lu, was born. When we interviewed Sam yesterday (2/21), he told us just how much his daughter had changed his life.

“It’s changed drastically. I mean, the way I experience everything on a day-to-day basis has drastically changed. I drove down to live outside of town; there’s a little pond and gravel driveway; we live in a little cabin with a little pond several hundred yards from the cabin. When we first moved out there, I’d go down to the pond occasionally, but not really all that often.”

He continued, “Almost on a daily basis, I’ll take Lu down to the pond and just sit her down on top of the canoe or just in the grass there, and I experience the pond, the birds, and whatever else is going on out there in nature in a way that I was just numb to before having a child. That goes for every other little thing, coffee in the morning, picking up a book and reading it while she’s playing on the floor, all those things that I didn’t get a whole lot of stimulation from in the past all of a sudden I am experiencing it in a whole new way.”

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Sam said that it has not yet changed the songs that he is writing. He told us, “In my mind, sometimes I think I am intimidated writing about that part of my life. It almost feels, at times, too sacred to dabble in. I haven’t necessarily tried to tap into those experiences yet, but typically most of the songwriting that I put out will be will be songs that I write two or three years before they came out, and a lot of times, they are inspired by the time in my life that was two or three years before that. There is sort of a delay there that happens.”

Hunt says that his thoughts and feelings are geared more toward his family. He said, “I have found myself over the past few months tapping into those feelings about family life and being home and having a new child and the responsibilities of being a father. I feel like having a child sort of woke me up from this mid-thirties slumber sort of thing. So, it’s been awesome.”

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