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While Luke Combs and Ed Sheeran were in Texas together when they performed a duet at the ACM Awards last week, Luke took time to teach Ed to shotgun a beer. Combs does it every night on his stadium tour around the time he sings his “Beer Never Broke My Heart” anthem.

Both Luke and Ed posted a video clip of the shotgun lesson on their Instagram. Sheeran says in the video clip to the camera, “For context, Luke is what shooting?” Luke says, “Shotgun.” Ed says, “Luke is teaching me to shotgun a beer.” Combs says, “You want to be mindful of where your top is cause one side opens beer is coming out.” He holds a beer can up and directs, “So you want this point moving to the sky? Once you’re up, your gonna crack the top, and it just goes.” Luke asks, “You want me to go first, or do you want to do it together?” Sheeran says, “Let’s do it together, right?” Combs says, “Alright, count us down.” Ed counts to three, and the guys both “shotgun” their beers, drop them to the ground, and laugh.

Sheeran captioned the post on his Instagram, “Learning how to shotgun a beer with @lukecombs.”

See that post here.

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Combs’s wife recently took some fans’ questions on her Insta stories and revealed that the couple lives in a simple two-bedroom home. When a fan asked about the new baby boy’s nursery, Nicole replied, “We currently live in a two-bedroom, so his nursery will be our room until he moves in with Tex.” She added, “I”m not going to make it too fancy since we will be moving in a few years anyway. I shared a room with my sister growing up, and low-key loved it.”

Later another fan asked why she and Luke live in such a small house, and she replied simply, “We’re basic.”

A fan also asked about the name of the unborn baby boy coming this fall. Nicole wrote, “Guys, we’re seriously having the hardest time. I like one-syllable names because I think they are powerful, but for every name we like, we know someone or someone’s child named that already. I normally don’t care about that, but when it’s a close friend, it’s kind of odd, lol.”

One more fan asked how many kids the Combs were planning, and Nicole said, “I would like a small army, but we decided on four max.” She added, “But we also may stop at two; who knows?”

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