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John McKee was arrested by Indiana State Police for DUI in a POWER WHEELS toy car.

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A 51 Year Old Kid

When you think of those Power Wheel Jeep vehicles, you think of a fun kid toy. Six-year-olds drive Power Wheel Jeeps, right? Well, on Wednesday evening around 9pm, 51-year-old John McKee was arrested in Indiana for driving on the road in a Power Wheel while under the influence. He failed his sobriety test and is now facing charges!

A Pilot Losing His Cool

We all have witnessed impatient people right? Kenneth Jones might be one of the most impatient people ever. You see, Kenneth is a pilot for United Airlines. When we think of a pilot, we think of a professional, based on their career choice, to always be super cool under the collar. Kenneth Jones was arrested for losing his cool and attacking a parking lot exit gate. You heard right. He attacked a parking lot exit gate and he did it with an ax. Authorities say Kenneth had the ax in his car and struck the exit gate two dozen times. United is doing an investigation.

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