Backstage Country

Carly Pearce: Our Favorite Songs

Carly Pearce continues to elevate herself as one of the premiere women in country music. From her time on the Stars & Guitars stage here in Fayetteville just a few short years ago, to now, Carly has seen her fame skyrocket with a series of hit songs. This week, Carly takes over as host on WKML at night, with Backstage Country from 7 p.m. to midnight, presented by our friends at Westwood Shopping Center. You can here her tell stories, share some of her songs, and help you get through the evenings with the best in country music. Make sure to give it a listen. Here's some of our favorite Carly songs for you to check out in the meantime! Next Girl Every Little Thing I Hope You're Happy Now (w/Lee Brice) Closer to You