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Today is Sunday April 23, 2023.  Just like so many of our places and institutions of social meeting, including workplaces and others, Churches across America and the world say they’ve been challenged by recovering from a pandemic that, for several years, discouraged meetings and getting together as groups of like-minded people.  Peoples’ social habits were disrupted.  Church attendance was among the regular gatherings to which were interfered.  For the faithful of any religion, always wanting – even yearning – to share belief, faith and hope with the “two or more gathered in God’s name” it’s been especially harsh.  The loneliness, lack of community and isolation felt even through the gradual build-back of congregations has been a concern for many, including the congregations of at least five Christian churches in the 250-plus year-old city of Fayetteville – who have felt the need to share and boost faith within their communities as a whole.  But like the creative solutions that attempted to keep the faithful bound together during the Covid period, difficult times have spurred bold action.  The congregations of at least FIVE churches in Fayetteville (and, as you’ll hear – there’s plenty of room for more), including (in no particular order) First Presbyterian, Covanent Fellowship, St. Luke AME Church, Hay Street United Methodist Church and the First Baptist Church on Anderson Street in Historic Downtown Fayetteville, are coming together in the 8 days between and including the Sundays of May 14th and May 21st  for a Revival.  They’re calling it a Revive-ALL.   Starting 3 weeks from today. To tell us all about it, We’ll be joined by two of the Pastors leading congregations joining the Revive-All in just a few moments. ! 

First, in an event to be held this Thursday the 27th, there’s going to be a unique Cumberland County Department of Social Services Job Fair held at DSS – 1225 Ramsey Street – between 9am and 2pm. With the opportunity for qualified individuals to apply for a great position, be interviewed, and possibly be hired on the spot.  Here’s the opportunity again- in a nutshell.  (PSA  and Interview) 

Thanks Delores Long, Laurie McClocklin and Vanessa McLean-Gray for your time. Get details on the CumberlandCountyNC.Gov website, requesting the Social Services Department…and Employment listings. You can always apply on-line. Remember, the Job Fair for Social Workers and Income Maintenance Caseworkers is Thursday, 9am to 2pm, at DSS.  

Fayetteville’s Springtime Welcome Mat, the Dogwood Festival occupies this coming Friday, Saturday and Sunday! (Interview) 

See THEDogwoodFestival-dot-com. 

Nest, week hear from the Reverend Rob James of the First Baptist Church on Anderson Street in Historic Downtown Fayetteville and the Reverend David Woodhouse of Hay Street United Methodist Church about at least 5 Fayetteville Churches coming together in the 8 days book-ended by the Sundays of May 14th and May 21st  for a Revive-ALL.  (Interview)  We’ll update you as we get closer to May 14th!

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