In the unofficial Home of Freedom, there’s always plenty to do to honor America around the 4th of July. With an unusual year, there’s only one fireworks display in the area. But here’s all the info you need to make the most of your Independence Day!

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July 4 – Fort Bragg’s 4th of July Celebration

Fort Bragg WILL hold a fireworks display, and day-long celebration. Click here to read the story.

Fort Bragg July 4th Celebration Back in 2021 With Foreigner Headlining

July 3 – Hope Mills Independence Day Celebration – Fireworks Only

Hope Mills had to cancel their annual day long festivities, but WILL have fireworks on Saturday, July 3 at 9 p.m. More info here.

July 3 – Fayetteville Woodpeckers

The Woodpeckers have their fireworks scheduled scheduled for July 3. Tickets are going fast. Get yours ASAP.

July 1 – Fayetteville Symphony and Fireworks

Come to Festival Park on Thursday, July 1 for an evening of music and fireworks! This concert is FREE ADMISSION and will feature the Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra.

Gates open at 6pm, Concert begins at 7:30pm

Vendors will not be on site – please feel free to bring your own picnic items!

Please obey the following:
Service Animals Only
No Personal Tents or Canopies
No Bicycles
No Skateboards

4th of July Safety Quiz

Test your knowledge of fireworks safety here!

4th of July Trivia

Test your knowledge of Independence Day with this fun, free quiz!

Flag Etiquette

Did you know there are a lot of specific rules about how you should show your patriotism with the American flag? Our friends at AARP outlined many of these in this great article.

Some important rules they point out:

  • Never let the flag touch the ground. When hanging or displaying your flag, the key is to not damage it – so don’t drop it or let it touch anything beneath it.
  • Never wear the flag as a costume. The U.S. Flag Code makes very clear that no part of the flag should be worn as sportswear or as a costume, or used to make drapery or bedding. For those who really want to show off their patriotism, opt for a patch or a lapel flag pin worn near your heart.
  • Never display the flag except from sunrise to sunset, unless it is lighted at night. This means, according to the American Legion, that other people should always be able to recognize the flag. If there’s bad weather, you must take the flag down unless you have an all-weather flag.
  • Never display the flag with the union down. Only in instances of extreme danger to life or property should the flag be displayed that way, as a distress signal.
Patriotic Music to Fill Your 4th of July Playlist

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