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Make your holidays a little more fun with these games for your family to play!

The holidays can be a magical time of year to spread love, joy and happiness. Nothing beats visiting with loved that you don’t get to see that often and exchanging gifts and sharing a big, delicious meal.

And if you are like my family, that holiday spirit is amplified by a healthy dose of competition! We love “minute to win it” style games that get the entire family involved.

Check out this list of the most laugh inducting, good time having, family games that will sure to be a part of your holiday traditions for years to come!

  • The Christmas Cookie Challenge

    Challenge: You must move a cookie from their forehead to your mouth using your facial muscles — no hands allowed!
    Supplies needed: One cookie per team member (plus spares!).

    Be cautious of holiday cookies. No one needs sprinkles in their eyes. We used Oreos for simplicity’s sake (and to ensure consistency across the teams).

    Lean your head back and place a cookie in the center of your forehead.

    Use the muscles on your face to move the cookie down to your mouth.

    If the cookie falls before reaching your mouth, you have to start over.

    You must securely hold the cookie in your mouth for a full 3-second count.

    Pop the cookie in your mouth (you can use your hands now!) and eat it.

  • Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice Game

    Challenge: You must balance six sugar cubes on a Popsicle stick that is held in your mouth for a full 3-second count.
    Supplies needed: A box of sugar cubes, a bowl, and jumbo Popsicle sticks.

    Game Instructions:

    1. Put the Popsicle stick in your mouth.
    2. Grabs items from the bowl and stacks them on the Popsicle stick.
    3. The six items must stay on the stick for a full 3-second count. If they fall down, the player can get them and try stacking again.


  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Game

    Get a red pom pom to stick to your vaseline covered nose for a count of 3-seconds.


  • Snowman Blowdart Minute to Win it Game

    Our friends over at http://www.housingaforest.com/snowman-minute-to-win-it-games/ shared this fun game that the kids will love!

    To blow the snowman cup stack off table using a Q-tip and straw.  You need to shoot all the snowman cups off the edge of the table before the 1 minute timer runs out.


    Supplies needed:

    • Straws ~ the narrow ones work best.  They should be just larger than a q-tip.
    • Q-tips
    • Plastic cups ~ add black sharpie eyes and mouth and a orange paper carrot nose

    How to play:

    • Build a snowman cup tower close to the edge of the table.
    • Get your “darts” and “shooters” ready…the Q-Tips and Straws!  Load your “dart” by placing the Q-tip right inside the straw.  If you are using bendable straws, make sure you insert the Q-tip on the non-bendy end.
    • Instruct each player to stand on the opposite side of the table.
    • Aim the straw at the snowman wall of cups and blow the q-tip
    • The player that successfully removes all the snowman cups off the table wins.

  • Holiday Burst

    Items required: balloons (ideally holiday-themed), winter gloves

    Players will have to pop balloons using only their hands while wearing gloves. The player who can pop the most balloons in one-minute wins.

  • Wrapping a Snowman

    Divide players into pairs. One player will have to wrap an entire roll of toilet paper around his teammate and put a scarf and hat on him to make him look like a snowman. The player who can do this first in one-minute wins.

  • Collect the Candy Canes

    Items required: candy canes, bowls

    Put some candy canes and a bowl on a table. Players will be given a candy cane which they will have to put in their mouth and use the hooked part of the candy cane to move the candy canes on the table to the bowl. The player who has the most candy canes in their bowl after one minute wins.

  • Christmas Song List

    Items required: paper, pencils

    Each player will be given a piece of paper and a pencil and will have one minute to write down as many Christmas songs as they can. The player who can write down the most songs wins. You can download Free Printable Game Sheets for Christmas Song List Game here.

  • Snowball Toss

    Supplies needed:

    A wreath, a large bowl and some socks rolled up like snowballs.

    Hang a Christmas wreath up from a doorway or ceiling — we just used some burlap and tacked it above the door frame. 

    There are two ways to play:

    Easy version:  Each person gets to shoot as many ‘snowballs’ as they can through the center of the wreath in one minute.

    Harder version:  Place a large bowl on the other side of the wreath (see ours above) and count how many ‘snowballs’ can go through the wreath and INTO the bowl.

    You can award one point for each snowball that was shot through the wreath and another 3 points for each one that made it into the bowl.

  • Jingle Bell Box Game

    You’ll need some individual jingle bells for this game but they’re easy to find at most craft stores.

    Supplies Required:

    • Two empty Kleenex boxes
    • Belt or strap to attach boxes to
    • 16 Jingle Bells

    Hot glue an empty tissue box to some belting and add a buckle so that people could adjust it to their own size.  I made two so that two people could compete against each other and I put 8 jingle bells in each box.  The object is to shake your hips so that you bounce the bells out of the box.  The first one to empty their box wins.

    This game is always a crowd pleaser and people talk about it for years after!

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