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While Garth and Trisha are on their "second honeymoon" in Ireland, they MUST see the Cliffs of Moher. Ireland.

Garth Brooks has never made it a big secret that he loves Ireland, so it definitely was no surprise when he said his upcoming trip there will be a great “second honeymoon” for him and Trisha.

Garth and Trisha Yearwood lead the way in country superstar couples in love, and in an interview with TodayFM in Ireland, he said he was quite excited for his trip.

“My wife and I, when we got married, she also got married to the children,” he said in the interview. “So we’ve spent every anniversary we’ve ever had with our girls so this is going to be like our honeymoon and we’re just going to go for 2 weeks and just go around and be a couple and I can’t imagine a better place to do it than the land of love, this is going to be good!”

So that got us thinking about what the happy couple should do while they are in Ireland, and we came up with these 10 best things for Garth and Trisha to do while they are in the “land of love.”