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KC in the Afternoon

KC in the Afternoon

Bray Wyatt enters the arena to fight in the pitch black event during the WWE Royal Rumble event at the Alamodome on January 28, 2023 in San Antonio, Texas.

Halloween is right around the corner, and to get into the spooky spirit I’m taking a look at some of the scariest wrestlers to ever step foot in a WWE ring!

The crossover between fans of horror and wrestling is much greater than one would think. This article from Collider summarizes the similarities that both genres of entertainment share, most notably their storytelling methods and their passionate respective fanbases. And in the WWE there’s never been a shortage of truly terrifying personas to strike fear in the hearts of fans the world over.

My love of professional wrestling is no secret, but being a big horror nerd as well I’ve naturally always gravitated toward the more bone-chilling performers. Pretty much every wrestler worth their salt knows how to make a crowd cheer or boo them depending on what the storyline calls for. But it takes an extra special talent to make the WWE audience fear them. The ones who are able to tap into that primal feeling of terror are the superstars who stand the test of time.

For my personal list of the WWE’s scariest characters, I took many different factors into consideration. For one, I didn’t want to limit it to only supernatural gimmicks. Sure, undead morticians and demonic pyromancers are terrifying for obvious reasons, but I think oftentimes the scariest characters are the ones who feel like they can exist in the real world. With that in mind, I tried to create an even mix of different gimmicks and personalities in my ranking. If I ever had a constant feeling of unease and dread watching a wrestler, then they made the cut.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at the scariest wrestlers (in my humble opinion) to ever step foot inside the scared circle of WWE!

  • 10. Boogeyman


    One of the most tried and true horror monsters found a home in WWE through the mid 2000s. What makes the Boogeyman unique is that he somehow managed to hit that sweet spot between feared monster and beloved babyface. No one ever knew where he’d be lurking in the arena, but when he showed up you knew you were going to behold a horrifying spectacle that you can’t take your eyes off of. And not to mention…the worms. So. Many. Worms.

  • 9. Bull Nakano


    Most of Bull Nakano’s wrestling career was spent in different promotions across Japan and Mexico before coming to WWE. But she made a devastating impact during her brief but harrowing reign of terror across WWE’s women’s division. With her imposing frame and intense stare, Bull struck fear in the hearts of her opponents and the fans before the bell even rang.

  • 8. Doink The Clown


    Come on, who ISN’T scared of clowns? The late Matt Borne’s portrayal of Doink often fluctuated between silly carnival jester, and pure nightmare fuel. And when he played up the latter people took notice.

  • 7. Randy Orton


    He’s mellowed out in recent years, but from 2007-2009 Randy Orton was without a doubt the scariest, most psychotic member of WWE’s roster. Literally no one was safe from his devastating RKO, and God help you if you were unlucky enough to be on the receiving end of his vicious punt attack, which put many superstars on the shelf for months. Randy would try to pass off these attacks as a symptom of Intermittent Explosive Disorder. But the cold stare and sick smile as he ran his foot through people’s skulls implied something much darker lurking within the mind of the Viper.

  • 6. Mankind


    One of Mick Foley’s many split personalities, Mankind stood out as a case study in unchecked psychopathy. In the ring and on the mic Mankind was erratic, unpredictable, and a masterful take on what kind of monsters hide within all of us.

  • 5. Umaga


    When I first started watching wrestling in late 2006, Umaga was the first bad guy (or “heel” in wrestling terms) I learned to fear more than hate. I always got knots in my stomach whenever some of my favorites at the time like Jeff Hardy and John Cena had to contend with the Samoan Bulldozer. He was a near-unstoppable force in the ring, with an animalistic fighting style that completely decimated anyone who dared stand in his way.

  • 4. Kane


    Of all the entrants on this list, Kane probably comes closest to embodying the spirit of a horror movie monster. The Devil’s favorite demon literally unleashed Hell on earth.

    He felt more at home surrounded by flames, and on more than one occasion he would burst from the ring mat to drag his enemies underneath, where they were likely to endure horrific suffering that was most certainly best left unseen. Kane is a legend in the industry and a WWE Hall of Fame inductee because of his lasting impact as one of the most monstrous superstars of all time. Must run in the family (but more on that later)!

  • 3. Bray Wyatt


    Bray Wyatt was truly one of the most creative, sinister minds in the history of the wrestling industry. Whether he appeared as a swamplands cult leader, or as the trans-dimensional demon known as The Fiend, Bray was always evolving his character in ways that deeply resonated with WWE fans around the world. His magnetic personality and unique presentation made it hard to take your eyes off him, and his promos were foreboding and cryptic enough to keep you on his every word.

    His tragic passing last month still hurts to think about, but his legacy as one of the most uniquely haunting wrestling personas will live forever. Rest in Peace, Bray.

  • 2. Jake "The Snake" Roberts


    The legendary Jake “The Snake” Roberts is one of the scariest people to ever step foot in a WWE ring, and what sets him apart from his peers is that he never felt the need to raise his voice in promos.

    The genius of Jake’s character was that he spoke softly and let his actions do the talking. He’d draw you in with his soft-spoken but loathsome delivery, then when you’d least expect it he’d flip the switch inside his brain that allowed him to commit truly heinous acts to his opponents. Couple that with him carrying a giant snake to the ring (and in one instance letting it bite Macho Man Randy Savage), and it’s clear why no one was ever happy to square off against Jake Roberts.

    It wasn’t a matter of if you could beat him, but more of whether you could survive him.

  • 1. The Undertaker


    Every wrestling fan reading this list knew exactly who number 1 was going to be, and it’s honestly not even close. The Undertaker stands alone as the single scariest, most awe-inspiring performer in WWE history.

    Whether as a singles star, or tagging with his brother and longtime blood rival Kane (it’s a long story) as the Brothers of Destruction, Undertaker’s knack for mind games matched his physically imposing stature which made him nearly impossible to beat. From his all-black attire, to his towering stature, to his iconic entrance music playing over the speakers as he saunters to the ring amidst fog and hellfire. Every single component of Undertaker’s character works and has given him a staying power that no other wrestling persona has been able to duplicate.

    The Deadman without a doubt personifies everything that makes horror such a perfect fit in professional wrestling.

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