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Being a renter doesn't mean you have to give up on the idea of fun TikTok home remodels. Here's some of the best.

Everyone loves good DIY home remodels, and TikTok has been a great place to see some fun projects!

Personalizing your living space, finding your Zen and rocking out your Feng Shui not only make your space look great, it can also help balance your moods.

According to healtthyvoices.net “Stress factors can include anything and everything from general maintenance and repairs of your home to the design and decoration of your rooms – they can take up a lot of thinking time, and then they can start to impact on your mental health because what we see, hear, breathe and smell in our homes, or in fact any environment, can affect our mood and stress levels, which directly impact our mental health.”

“But I live in a rental!” you yell at me, rolling your eyes and sighing in exasperation. Don’t worry! TikTok and I have got you covered!

One of the top viral trends right now on TikTok is #renterfriendlymakeovers! This trend is not only helpful and fun, it’s also extremely informative and often budget friendly.

You (and your landlord!) will be delighted with the outcome. So, come on, let’s reclaim your space! Here’s some of the best of the TikTok DIY home remodels for renters.