What Netflix shows are you watching?

There is so much content on Netflix that it could be hard to keep up with. Luckily we all have our certain tastes in entertainment.

So I have amassed a list of Netflix content that was either unexpectedly good or interesting. What are some of your favorite Netflix shows?

And without further ado here is my list in no particular order.

  • Altered Carbon

    Altered Carbon is a sci-fi action series that has some intense scenes. It can be pretty confusing at times. I found myself watching the show with the subtitles on. Season 2 was actually my favorite because of Anthony Mackie.

  • Umbrella Academy

    Based off a comic book of the same name The Umbrella Academy is a different take on super heroes. A dysfunctional family setting style show where you meet the team and see how they cope with world changing situations. They just finished their 3rd season and could possibly be continuing.

  • Black Summer

    This is awkward because I’ve only really watched 1 episode but it’s a zombie show and I love my zombie shows. I was a huge “The Walking Dead” fan before…you know. Anyway this seems more like serious take and not an over the top campy show like “Z Nation” anyway check this one out if this is your thing.

  • Black Mirror

    Black Mirror is half the reason I still have Netflix. One of my favorite shows, to me I describe it as “Twilight Zone for the technological age” Each episode is an independent story. I believe only actually 2 of them are connected. But this show is everything.


  • Arcane

    I was caught off guard by this because I didn’t know it was based off the popular PC game League of Legends. I never played it so I had no idea. Nevertheless I was stuck on the amazing animation and storytelling of this show. Definitely a must watch.

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