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Getting through TSA when you travel is sometimes a pain, but these tips should help you get through quickly.

Bust out the flip-flops and obscenely loud Hawaiian shirts; spring break is nearly here! With so many people traveling for the 2024 spring break season, here are a few helpful travel tips so you can enjoy your vacation with as little stress as possible as you go through TSA.

According to the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA), spring break travel will be at its heaviest between March 7 and March 25, which means two and a half weeks of busy airports and long wait times at travel screenings.

According to TSA administrator David Pekoske, more people are expected to travel for spring break this year than there were this time last year.

“So far in 2024, travel volumes are trending at nearly 6% above the same period in 2023,” said Peksoke. “We always work closely with our airline and airport partners to plan for and meet the increasing travel demand while doing our best to maintain our wait times of 30 minutes or less in standard lanes and 10 minutes or less in TSA PreCheck lanes.”

We all know that the entire process of traveling can be daunting even on slow days. But spring break always causes things to ramp up exponentially at the airport. Luckily there are a few tips and tricks you can use to help speed up the process so you can start sipping on Mai Tais as soon as possible.

According to these tips from TSA, here is what you should do if you want the best success while traveling for the spring break season:

  • Pack Smart

    Perhaps the most crucial step to getting through the TSA line quickly starts before you even arrive at the airport. A well-packed suitcase will help ensure a quick and relatively painless screening experience, especially if you know what they look for. It’s especially critical to remember the 3-1-1 rule when packing liquids.

  • Enroll In TSA PreCheck

    TSA PreCheck is a gamechanger for frequent travelers, and it will especially come in handy when dealing with long spring break lines. PreCheck members can enjoy 10-minutes-or-less wait times, so you and your family can be sure to make it to your gate with plenty of time to spare.

    Click here to enroll in TSA PreCheck today.

  • Be Ready At The Checkpoint

    Be sure to have your boarding pass and valid ID ready when you arrive at the checkpoint. This also applies to passports if you’re traveling abroad for spring break. The sooner you’re able to show all required documentation, the quicker you can get through the line. And those behind you will appreciate your haste as well!

  • Arrive Earlier Than Usual

    It’s normally recommended that airline passengers should arrive around two hours before their flight takes off to allow enough time to get through the TSA screenings. But given how packed the airports will be for spring break, you’d best be served arriving much earlier than that.

    Arriving four or five hours before takeoff may be obnoxious, but you know what’s more obnoxious? Constantly checking your watch and doing mental math for how quick each person ahead of you in line needs to move so you can make your gate in time.

  • Call Ahead To Request Passenger Support

    This step is especially helpful for those with disabilities or medical conditions that make flying more challenging. TSA Cares offers more information to help those with disabilities enjoy an easy, stress-free flight experience. It’s recommended you call at least 72 hours ahead of time so any special accommodations can be made.

    Click here for more info.

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