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Looking for ways to save money on Amazon?

If you’re an online shopper (who isn’t anymore), you’re obviously looking to save money on Amazon whenever you can. I know I am.

So when I stumbled upon this article from, I knew I had found gold. They broke down some of the best ways to save money on Amazon with these seven tips:


  • 1. Find Out if You're Overpaying

    Using a service like Wikibuy will help alert you if you’re paying too much. It’ll alert you to better prices and offers.

  • 2. Get Paid to Watch the News

    The folks over at recommend signing up for services like Swagbucks should help you save a few dollars.

  • 3. Don't Delete Your Amazon Emails

    Turns out there’s a great tool from Capital One that will scan your emails and find receipts from Amazon. If they find a price lower later on, they’ll alert you so you can get a refund!

  • 4. Shop Amazon's Outlets

    There aren’t any around here… yet. But if you can get to an overstock store, they are a steal!

  • 5. Get $5 in Amazon stock

    If you sign up for Stash, you get $5 in free Amazon stock. That would have come in handy a few years ago…

  • 6. Get Paid for Your Opinion

    OK so it’s not an Amazon hack, but if you just share your thoughts on what you’re buying, you could get paid!

    Find out all the details on now!