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Country superstars live a charmed life for the most part. They have money to burn and they have adoring fans cheering on their every move. Whether it’s on stage or on social media, where they tout their what seems to be a “glamorous” lifestyle. Like Miranda Lambert’s song “Little Red Wagon” sings with such sass in the lyrics. “I play guitar, and I go on the road. I do all the s— you wanna do! You can’t ride in my little red wagon.”

Their existence seems untouchable at times. But country stars, in fact, are just like all of us. They have lives full of fun, joy, family excitement and some drama. And then there’s a bit of heartbreak and bad luck at times. They often write about such times in their songs. They reflect their loves and lives that we all can relate to and sing along to.

Kenny Chesney sings of fame in his fictional 2003 song “Big Star,” about a female country singer that goes from singing in bars to the big time. He sang in part, “She made the local cable shows / Where the camera fell in love with her face / After a couple of weekends / The groupies were crawling all over the place / She signed autographs / Like she was Garth Brooks in a skirt / And in the aftermath / That small time town was hers.”

We all saw the “big star” Chesney mourn the loss of his beloved dog Ruby late last year, something many of us have felt at one time or another.

In 2010, Brad Paisley released what he called a love song to the fans, “This Is Country Music.” Paisley, who owns homes in Nashville and Los Angeles with his movie star wife Kim, sang about the music that made him a superstar. He sang in part, “You’re not supposed to say the word ‘cancer’ in a song. / And tellin’ folks Jesus is the answer can rub ’em wrong / It ain’t hip to sing about tractors, trucks, little towns, and mama, yeah that might be true. / But this is country music, and we do.”

Here are seven examples of country superstars proving they are just like us:

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  • Luke Combs

    Luke Combs – While in Australia playing a sold-out tour for fans down under, Luke Combs’ wife Nicole posted something we have all posted a time to two, family photos from a recent photo shoot. The photos are of Nicole, Luke, and their son Tex as the couple await the birth of their second child. The only thing that sets the photos apart from all of us is that Tex is shown from the back. The couple have been careful not to reveal their one-year-old’s face to the public.

  • Miranda Lambert

    Miranda often shares social media posts that prove she is just like us, sharing moments from trips with her husband to the occasional trip to the Nashville Metro Animal Control to adopt a cat or dog. In a recent post on Instagram, Miranda posted photos of herself and a friend who stopped by to adopt not one but two kittens.

  • Carrie Underwood

    Carrie posted to Instagram right after she wrapped shows on her recent Las Vegas residency. She shared images of herself, two sisters, and even her mom getting matching heart tattoos. It’s not Underwood’s first tattoo; she shared before in another post she and some friends getting tats of a small flower.

  • Blake Shelton

    Blake often posts on his social media himself on his tractor working the fields on his Oklahoma farm. Shelton also shares a love of planting flowers with his wife, Gwen Stefani, on the same property.

  • Luke Bryan

    Luke may be a superstar in music and on TV’s American Idol, making millions of dollars a year, but that never takes away his fishing time with his sons, Bo and Tate, and his wife, Caroline. Luke constantly posts family stuff, “huntin’, fishing, and loving every day.”

  • Keith Urban

    Keith and his Oscar-winning movie star wife, Nicole Kidman, seem to live country music’s most glamorous life of all, but that doesn’t stop the famous couple from doing everyday things like camping. Urban posted he and his wife were camping in their native Australia earlier this year and encountered a wild animal.

  • Tim McGraw

    Tim has done fantastic work in the last several years to be in the best physical shape of his life. Not long ago, he shared a video clip on Instagram about one of the ways he stays in top condition, taking a simple walk every day with one of his family dogs.

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