Bitey the Dinosaur got to go on an epic adventure as a Domino's Pizza employee, after accidentally being left behind.

A left-behind toy made for a great social media moment, as Bitey the Dinosaur became a Domino’s Pizza employee for a night.

Dominos’ Pizza in New Zealand posted about Bitey on their Facebook page, explaining how he became their newest employee. The highlights are below, keep scrolling!

“Last week, one of our stores received a worried call asking to check if ‘Bitey’ the T-Rex had been left in the foyer after his family had picked up pizzas that evening,” the Facebook post said. “Sure enough, Bitey was there!”

That led Bitey on quite the adventure, as his family wasn’t able to pick him up that evening before closing, so the Domino’s team made sure he had a night to remember.

“It was getting late, and looking like Bitey wasn’t going to make it home for bed time,” the post said. “The team assured Bitey’s family he was in good hands, and he was sent home with plenty of stories to tell about his first shift at Domino’s the next day.”

Bitey the dinosaur and his Domino’s Pizza adventure has gone wild on social media. It also sparked some hilarious comments from others highlighting all the amazing things Bitey did in his free time. Some of our favorites are below.

Here’s a look at what all he got up to:

  • Official Name Tag

  • Learning the Computer System

  • Expert Pizza Maker

  • Everyone Has to Wash Dishes

  • Boxing Up Deliveries

  • Taking Orders

  • Bitey The Wonder Dino

    As if that wasn’t enough, fans of the post started posting about other wild “adventures” Bitey had “participated” in:

    • Bitey not only had great customer service but he also saved my dog from a house fire. Great job Bitey.”
    • Bitey weeded my flower beds and cut my grass. I hadn’t even ordered a pizza. He just knew I wanted one. It was so comforting. It’s like he had known me for millennia.”
    • not only did bitey make and deliver a delicious pizza in under 30 minutes, he also cured my dog’s arthritis! i really can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for my family and i, bitey.”
    • Bitey delivered my pizza in exactly 31 minutes. He felt bad about being 1 minute late so he took my dog for a walk, weeded my front yard, and gave me free tickets to see his big sister in the new Jurassic Park movie. Thanks Bitey!”