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Who knew Fruit Roll-Ups were such a hot commodity?

Welcome to Brainless Boneheads! Every Friday, Don Chase & Sarah find some of the wildest, craziest stories out there to help kick off your weekend with a smile.

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  • That Was Not A Turkey

    How embarrassing must this have been? A couple of friends were out hunting for turkeys a few days ago. Somehow, one friend thought he spotted a turkey. He fired a shot. Instead of hitting a turkey, he shot his friend. Thank goodness, the friend will be okay. He had to be transported to the hospital for treatment. Not sure if the two are still friends.

  • Illegal Fruit Roll-Ups

    What lengths would you go to in order to get your hands on a Fruit Roll-Up? Due to a Tik-Tok trend, Fruit Roll-Ups are harder to find than usual, especially overseas where they can go for as much as $5 PER roll-up. Israel Customs agents say they’ve seized almost 700 pounds in Fruit Roll-Ups recently. American couples are even getting caught trying to smuggle in the popular snack. One couple was caught with 375 POUNDS of Fruit Roll-ups. No need to pack clothes – they just stuffed their suitcases to the brim with Fruit Roll-Ups.

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