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Seven people were arrested for a theft ring in Georgia, after they left a trail of candy wrappers.

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  • Thief Knocked Out Trying to Escape

    Police believe that this bonehead was part of a local crime ring. Out of Bellevue, Washington, karma reared its head and took a 17 year old thief out. The young man casually entered the local Louis Vuitton store. Then, he went into action attempting to steal a number of attractive Louis Vuitton handbags. But, during his getaway, I guess he didn’t see the plate glass window. With employees and customers observing, the man crashed into the glass window and then crashed to the floor. Within seconds, a security guard secured the thief until police could arrive.

  • Thank You For Littering

    There are many reasons you should not litter. You can now add “getting caught for a crime” on the list of reasons why. A group of people have been hiking through wooded areas outside of Atlanta to sneak into homes and cars. They would make a getaway through the woods and store what they stole until they could find a new place for it. One of the items they stole? A bag of miniature Milky Way’s. The catch? One of the burglars got hungry, started snacking, and left a trail of wrappers in the woods that led police straight to them. Cops followed the trail and made nine arrests. The investigation is still ongoing. That sweet tooth will get ya every time!