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Driving your car into the ocean is a pretty surefire way to earn yourself a DUI.

Welcome to Brainless Boneheads! Every Friday, Don Chase & Sarah find some of the wildest, craziest stories out there to help kick off your weekend with a smile.

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  • 1-Selling Stolen TVs in a Walmart Parking Lot

    We all have wondered about the mindset of those that choose to pursue a life of crime. From the great state of Tennessee and the city of Knoxville comes the story of Donald Kirkland, thanks to WVLT.

    Kirkland is a member of the criminal element that inspires us to again ask the question, “what in the world was he thinking?”

    Police say that Donald Kirkland entered the local WalMart and not only stole televisions, and other electronics, from the store but then he stumbled on a great idea. Start his own store in the WalMart parking lot and sell the tv’s. Yes, he did just that and yes WalMart called police who discovered Kirkland selling tv’s plus items campers would use and even a karaoke machine.

    Police properly arrested Kirkland and placed him behind bars.

  • 2-Don't Drive Into the Ocean

    dui ocean donald quill henlopen

    (Image Courtesy Delaware Natural Resources Police)

    Just how much do you depend on your GPS to get you where you’re going? Hopefully you are smarter than this guy when it comes to directions! 48-year-old Donald Quill Junior was arrested for DUI after witnesses saw him drive his car… INTO THE OCEAN!

    Luckily, they went into the water to help him out of his vehicle and potentially saved his life.

    This happened on Navy Beach at Cape Henlopen in Delaware. On top of the DUI, Donald was given other traffic violations, including driving on a beach instead of the road. The lesson here? Don’t drink and drive… and don’t drive into the ocean!