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A California woman stealing a city bus, and a Florida man getting busted after a drug deal via text message, in today's Brainless Boneheads.

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  • Steal A Bus Then Fight Cops

    Annette Rocha Tulare County Visalia Booking Photo

    (Image Courtesy Visalia Police Department)

    This past Monday in Visalia, California, a fight broke out and not just anywhere. A woman named Annette Rocha began fighting with other passengers on the bus and while the bus was in operation.

    The bus driver yelled to stop but she was ignored. Once the bus was stopped, the bus driver called the police and began evacuating passengers.

    Annette, the troublemaker that started the fight then hopped in the driver’s seat and drove off with several passengers still onboard. She hit three cars before striking a fence and stopping. Annette then tried to fight off police officers with a metal pipe.

    She was eventually arrested and charged with robbery, carjacking, kidnapping and hit and run. The bus was trashed.

  • A Random Text To The Wrong or Right Person

    Jack Fisher Flagler County Florida Jail Arrest

    (Image Courtesy Flagler County Sheriff)

    In Florida, an 18-year-old is facing felony charges… and it was all because of fate.

    Jack Fisher was arrested after sending a “random text” that happened to go to the County Commissioner. Jack was offering to sell him an eight-ball of cocaine.

    The County Commissioner and the police worked together to trace the phone number back to Jack Fisher and they arranged for a meet-up. That’s when Jack was busted carrying 3.2 grams of fentanyl, which is enough to potentially kill over 1,500 people.

    Jack Fisher was charged multiple times, including intent to distribute and felony possession.