The Big Wake Up With Don Chase and Sarah

The Big Wake Up With Don Chase and Sarah

The Big Wake Up With Don Chase and Sarah

Today's Brainless Boneheads is jam packed with some wild stories.

Welcome to Brainless Boneheads! Every Friday, Don Chase & Sarah find some of the wildest, craziest stories out there to help kick off your weekend with a smile.

– Brainless Boneheads is a regular Friday feature from Don Chase & Sarah. Read more Brainless Boneheads here.

  • Duct Taped By Bus Driver

    There had to be that voice inside saying “don’t do that.” From Upper Darby, Pennsylvania comes the story of bus driver Julia Lee Pratt. According to Ms. Pratt, one particular student was not behaving properly on the way to school. She stated that the kid was damaging the bus and also kicking students. So, Ms. Pratt stopped the school bus, pulled out the duct tape and physically taped the child to his bus seat. Once at school, a seatbelt cutter had to be used to remove the multiple layers of duct tape. Once school officials got involved, video tapes were reviewed showing that the student did nothing that justified his being duct taped to his seat. As expected, Ms. Pratt was arrested. One other thing. This was not the first time Ms. Pratt had used duct tape on the child.

  • No Burger For This Guy

    An Ohio inmate named Jason Conrad managed to escape from custody, and his first stop was. McDonalds of course! Somehow, Jason got a hold of a bicycle, and made his was to the famous fast food stop. He asked for something off the “dollar menu” and an employee reminded him that the dollar menu has been gone for quite some time. Jason took off without any food. And the employee remembered hearing about an escaped inmate. After putting two and two together and feeling that Jason seemed out of touch, the McDonalds employee called the police. Jason was caught and will now probably never get that McDonalds hamburger he was hoping for.

  • Two Banks In Two Days

    In the legal system, they are called frequent flyers. Often they are known by their face, by name and the fact they can’t stay out of trouble.

    From Orange County, California comes the story of Samuel Brown. A few days ago, Samuel chose the Fountain Valley Chase Bank to rob. His efforts were successful as he got away with a ton of cash. Apparently he wanted more because Samuel returned to the same bank the next day demanding more cash. Yes, attempting to rob the same bank two days in a row. Police were ready and arrested Samuel who has a history as a bank robber.

  • Quite The Bite

    Down in Florida, beware of biting relatives!! During a family function, Donnie Adams tried to break up a fight, and got BIT. Turns out, the biter had bad teeth and gums and passed along a flesh-eating bacteria! To the point where Donnie lost his ability to walk! After several successful surgeries, doctors were able to save Donnie’s legs and he is up and walking again! So next time you think little kids are the only one’s that bite… think again!

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