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  • Maybe They Were Getting Ready for an Intense Game of Red Light, Green Light

    Criminals never miss an opportunity to make money. Whether it’s stealing your car’s catalytic converter, stealing the copper out of your heating unit, or stealing highway traffic lights. Yes you heard right. Three Florida men were caught red handed trying to steal an actual stoplight. Police caught and arrested all three men and after their arrest, authorities discovered additional traffic lights in their vehicle. By the way, these lights cost taxpayers an estimated $5000 apiece.

    Media ReleaseThree Men Charged with Attempting to Steal Traffic Lights – 2022-28608Date: September 27, 2022On...

    Posted by Hernando County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday, September 27, 2022
  • Just How Cruel Can One Be

    An Amazon driver has lost her job and police are investigating.  Police were called after a homeowner’s security camera caught the delivery driver delivering several packages but then she decided to steal several other packages previously delivered.  One of the packages contained wedding dresses. Not only did she not put the very important package back but she then took it to the store the dresses came from, returned the items and got the money back.  Amazon fired the driver and also said they would make things right with the customer. Police are investigating.

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