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  • The TSA, Chicken & An Airport Scanner

    TSA agents in Haiti were probably not prepared for this pre-Thanksgiving surprise. Let’s think for a moment. You have a gun and your goal is to get the weapon past airport security, so how would you do it? Would you ever think to stuff the gun into a piece of raw chicken? It actually happened a few days ago as a lady flying from the U.S. to Haiti attempted this crime but was foiled by airport scanners. Here’s the best part. The TSA posted that the incident was a huge “baste” of time calling it a personal “fowl” and encouraging other travelers not to “wing it.”

  • Getaway Car Crash

    No word on whether or not these 2 people knew each other OR just happened to be doing the same thing at the same place at the same time. Two shoplifters in Springfield, Missouri decided to hit up and steal a bunch of things from a Ross Dress for Less.

    Instead of being in ONE getaway car, they drove two separate cars, peeling out of the parking lot as quick as they could. But they ended up crashing into each other! While trying to getaway on foot, police caught up with them and charged both with misdemeanor theft. Lesson learned – save the environment. Drive one car.