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  • Father Of the Year Contender NOT!

    From police reports out of Byram, Mississippi, a father is in big trouble. WalMart workers called 9-1-1 when they realized that illegal stuff was going on. Police responded and that’s when James Jackson took off leading cops on a high speed chase. Once the chase was over, officials discovered that in addition to James, 3 kids were also in the car. James was arrested and charged with shoplifting, felony fleeing, child endangerment and a host of other charges. You may be wondering why James was charged with shoplifting? This father-of-the-year contender sent his 3 kids into WalMart to steal gifts for Christmas.

  • Advice If You're Divorcing

    Here’s a KML life tip for you: if you are going through a divorce, try to maintain your composure… especially if there’s been a restraining order filed against you. 62-year-old Ronald Dunn from Los Angeles did NOT heed that advice, and is now facing the consequences. After his wife filed for divorce and filed for a restraining order, Ronald decided the best course of action was to ram his car into this OWN HOME that he and his soon-to-be-ex-wife shared. As if that wasn’t bad enough, after ramming into the home with his car, he returned moments later with a DUMP TRUCK and continued to destroy the home. He also ran into several cars along the street. The cherry on top? He came back a 3rd time with the car to inflict more damage. No word yet on how those anger management courses are going, but it’s safe to assume not well.