The Big Wake Up With Don Chase and Sarah

The Big Wake Up With Don Chase and Sarah

The Big Wake Up With Don Chase and Sarah

If you're going to try to rob a store, you may want to make sure you have gas in your getaway car.

Welcome to Brainless Boneheads! Every Friday, Don Chase & Sarah find some of the wildest, craziest stories out there to help kick off your weekend with a smile.

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  • Karma Will Eventually Get You

    marchello moore arrest memphis out of gas

    Marchello Moore / Shelby County Jail

    You’ve heard that karma will get you. It will!

    From the Volunteer state of Tennessee, a young man shopping at a local convenience store had a plan. Rob the store, get the money and get away.

    According to WRKN, Marchello Moore pulled out his hand gun, pointed it at the 78 year-old clerk and said, “give me all of your money.” She panicked and then hid under the counter. At this point, I’m sure Marchello thought, this isn’t how things are supposed to go. So, he bolted out of the store.

    A short time later, police found and arrested Marchello as his car ran out of gas. This is where we throw our heads back and laugh!

  • Michigan Man Arrested for DUI After Getting Ride Home From Cop

    Up in Michigan, a police officer decided to help a guy out who drank too much at an Oktoberfest event. He could tell the man was too intoxicated to drive and gave him a ride home. What a nice officer!

    But according to the Saline (Mi.) Post, the good deed somehow backfired because the drunk man got pulled over just 90 minutes later! Another cop saw him driving slowly before he drove up on a curb. After the field sobriety and breathalyzer tests, the man was arrested for DUI. Two rides in a cop car in one day! Lesson learned- just stay home!

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