The Big Wake Up With Don Chase and Sarah

The Big Wake Up With Don Chase and Sarah

The Big Wake Up With Don Chase and Sarah

Crystal Moss from Sandy, Utah was arrested after setting fire to her apartment to clear the "negative energy."

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  • How Strong Did He Have to Be???

    They do things a little different down in Macon, Georgia. That’s the only logical explanation for how a man ended up with a pitchfork in the windshield of his Dodge pickup.

    According to the Georgia Gazette, police in Macon, Bernard Antwan Wimbush was upset after the pickup drove over his leg as he was seated on the ground outside a Subway. The driver and passenger of the truck claim they never saw the man.

    That would explain why they were confused when Wimbush attacked the truck, eventually grabbing a pitchfork from the back of it and smashing it through the windshield. Unfortunately for Wimbush, he had several pending warrants for his arrest… in an incident at a Wendy’s.


    The driver of the pickup truck said he never saw the man. From the Macon, Georgia police report, there was a man sitting down in front of a sign. Written on the sign were the words “No Loitering.” Also, while the man was sitting, a body part was exposed and a driver of a large Dodge pickup drove by and happened to run over the guy’s foot. Apparently, the man was not injured because he jumped up and injured the truck that ran over him. After being run over, the man jumped up, ran to his truck and grabbed a pitchfork. He was able to break the truck’s windows before police arrived, arrested him and charged him with assault.

  • There Are More Productive Ways to Clear Bad Energy

    We’ve all dealt with some negative energy we wanted cleared, but 37-year-old Crystal Nicole Moss of Sandy, Utah may have taken it a bit far.

    According to police, and, Moss was recently arrested for arson after setting fire to her OWN apartment building! The fire then proceeded to spread to six other units. Moss said she was trying “to burn away the negative energy, sadness and pain in her life.” Same, girl. But maybe we should try channeling our energies into healthier outlets.

    Thankfully no one was seriously hurt, as police saw the fire at Moss’ apartment early enough to get people evacuated from the middle-of-the-night blaze.

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