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Darius Rucker responded with just one word to a person named Natalie Jacoby on Twitter when she asked the simple question, “If you could remove one thing from the entire world to make it a better place, what would it be?” Darius wrote one word, “Racism,” and his response garnered many responses.

Rucker told Minneapolis’ Star Tribute in March this year that he has dealt with racism his entire life. He said, “There was never a time when [racism] wasn’t around in my life. It’s better now, but it’s not even close to where it should be. It’s a blot on our country. Let’s not let the extreme other side come out of the woodwork and be emboldened to think they can take over.”

Darius moved from pop stardom to country music in 2008, and at the time, country radio programmers told him that they’d play his songs, but he shouldn’t expect to be welcomed by listeners. He offered, “I was told the audience wouldn’t accept a Black country singer because it had been 25 years since [Black country star] Charley Pride had had a hit. But it worked. Charley opened the door.”

Rucker said that things are shifting, “Nashville is changing a lot. Instead of the labels seeing a Black face on the cover of a CD and just throwing it out there, I think every [label] is actually looking for African American artists they can make stars.”

Darius told the publication that Morgan Wallen called him shortly after the drunken video where he said a racial slur in February 2021. He noted that the conversation will remain between them. He did express disappointment that Wallen has not taken the opportunity to educate people about racism. Rucker said, “I don’t want him to just apologize. He’s a good guy, a nice kid. I want him to look at it as, ‘This is [messed] up. I want to change this.’ Let’s be part of the change, not part of the problem. Educate instead of cancel.”

We gathered some of Rucker’s one-word answer responses from fans, fellow artists, and friends worldwide.

  • Love

  • Chapel Hart

  • So Sad

  • From The South

  • Amen

  • Nail on The Head

  • Simple Concept

  • Could Not Agree More

  • Do Away With Hate

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