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Don Chase & Sarah in the Morning are celebrating National Pizza Day! What are your favorite toppings?

Wanna know how to wrinkle up Sarah’s face on the Don Chase & Sarah Morning Show on National Pizza Day? Just let me mention the word “pineapple” in reference to pizza toppings?

Yes, that will do it. However, in Sarah’s defense, she is not alone. Many pizza lovers detest the idea of pepperoni on their pie. With today being National Pizza Day (shouldn’t that be every day???), we wanted to let you have a peek for what we both like on our pizzas. Before we get to the toppings, how about the crust?

First, give me thin crust and also give me the nearly oven-burnt slice. I will never turn down a little crunchy. What’s your favorite crust style? Answer this quick poll question for me:

Now, you may be wondering, how do I prefer to eat my pizza? Begin by cutting the pie into triangles. I have had it cut into squares but I prefer triangles and I prefer
to hold my pizza by its outer edge. One other thing. No, I will not need a knife and fork. In my opinion, pizza is to be held with care and with special attention given to each slice
and bite.

Then, slide that wonderful creation into the oven, bake it up, serve it to me and move out of the way. I don’t want anyone to get hurt.

Now, about those toppings. Here’s mine and Sarah’s favorites:


  • Don - Cheese

    National Pizza Day cheese

    My must-have toppings begin with cheese and lots of it. I learned from my Mom that there’s never too much cheese.

  • Don - Bell Pepper

    National Pizza Day peppers

    Pour on the bell pepper (as much as you want to toss on)

  • Don - Sausage or Hamburger

    National Pizza Day Sausage

  • Don - Pepperoni

    National Pizza Day Pepperoni

  • Don - Onions

    National Pizza Day onions

  • Don - Olives and Mushrooms

    National Pizza Day olives

  • Sarah - Cheese

    National Pizza Day cheese

  • Sarah - Pepperoni

    National Pizza Day Pepperoni

  • Sarah - Sausage

    National Pizza Day Sausage

  • Sarah - Chicken

    National Pizza Day chicken

  • Sarah - Peppers

    National Pizza Day peppers