Some Easter activities like egg hunts and egg-and-spoon races may make you feel a bit old. Many us really feel this in our knees and lower back! But there’s one thing everyone can participate in around Easter, which is Easter baskets. Those baskets full of treats aren’t just for the kids. Adults can easily get in on the fun by exchanging some of the best gifts.

No, you didn’t outgrow sweet treats and presents.

Finding little or big trinkets for an adult Easter basket is not challenging at all. You just have to tap into the hobbies and interests of the person you’re gifting the basket to, whether it’s beauty finds or fun tech gadgets.

Many people took to Reddit to share what they have gifted a friend or loved one in an Easter basket. One person said they put beef jerky chips, candy, a variety of mini sauce bottles, and mini liquor in their husband’s basket. Another person said, “Small potted plants, lotion, soap, gum, liquor, pens, socks, jerky, sunglasses, earbuds, nail clippers.”

If you’re preparing a basket for someone who loves all things social media, there are plenty of DIY videos floating around platforms like TikTok and Instagram. There’s a page from a TikTok user, The Creative Chick, who shared a simple DIY last year. Her basket included wine, Easter-themed candy, chips, and a fun tumbler cup.

When it comes to filling an adult Easter basket, you don’t necessarily have to break the bank either. Some people opt for inexpensive items from Target’s Bullseye’s Playground, formally the Target Dollar Spot. It’s the section of Target located near the front of your local store right as you walk in. Of course, there are options like Five Below, the dollar store, or online via Amazon. You’re pretty much covered on shopping options whether you’re looking for big or small items for your basket.

  • Self-Care

    Self-care never goes out of style. Take your adult Easter basket to the next level with aromatherapy candles or essential oils. You can even take a bath time approach with items like bath bombs, body wash, bath salt, and lotion. Skincare items can also work for your basket with items like face masks, serums, and oils. Something different to gift could be a journal or notebook for writing or drawing. Even nail polish or make-up can work in this case.

    Different cosmetic bottles and container on color background, top view.

    Lilit Amirkhanian/ Getty Images

  • Boozy Drinks Or Nonalcoholic Sips

    A nice bottle of wine, a couple of cans of beer, or a hard seltzer can work for an adult Easter basket. It also gives it more of that “adult” basket feel. There are plenty of non-alcoholic options too for your sober friends. Another option would be to add specialty sodas like Jones to your basket. You can even do what I did for my wedding and customize your bottle, to give it more “oomph.” If you’re thinking, you want to gift something that’s caffeinated opt for tea or coffee.

  • Food

    Of course, Easter baskets are always full of treats. You can go the traditional route with Cadbury Creme Eggs and chocolate Easter bunnies or specialty items like beef jerky or limited-edition chips. Just gather up some of the giftee’s favorite foods or even sauces or spices to add to their basket. Things like bubblegum, mints, popcorn, or mixed nuts can work for your basket too.

    Easter candy table scene. Overhead view over a white wood background. Chocolate bunnies, candy eggs and a variety of sweets.

    jenifoto/ Getty Images

  • Phone Accessories

    Phone accessories are great for the TikTok King or Queen in your life. If your special person receiving the gift is into getting the perfect lighting in their photos or giving their followers a play-play on their day-to-day this is an option for your basket. Think, of selfie clips that attach to a phone, mini ring lights, and mini tripods for maximum stability. If you want something that quick and simple there are always pop sockets and phone cases. Just make sure you know what kind of phone the person have before purchasing.

    Teenage girl filming video of herself on mobile phone

    grinvalds/ Getty Imaeges

  • Cups, Tumblers, And Mugs

    Tumblers, cups, and coffee mugs are a safe bet for your adult Easter basket. It’s something cute and simple you can add to your gift.  I’m not saying break the bank for a Stanley Tumbler. Unless you’re cool with dropping $45 for the cup allegedly causing fights in stores.

    Coffee Cups with Happy and Sad Emoticons - Conceptual Image for Business Team Coffee Break with Copy Space

    stevanovicigor/ Getty Images

  • Jewelry

    Jewelry can really make a person’s personality pop. Luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from to add to your basket, from rose gold earrings to glitzy rings. You can also get creative with your jewelry find and hunt down Easter-themed jewelry. For example, bunny earrings, or maybe even an egg necklace.

    Different elegant bijouterie on color background, flat lay

    Liudmila Chernetska/ Getty Images

  • Comfy And Plush Items

    If you’re creating a basket for a person who enjoys lazy days and overall comfort, items like socks, slippers, robes, throw blankets, and pajamas are perfect. These kinds of items are great for people who love an excuse to stay inside and cozy up. It will have them saying things like “Sorry, can’t go out today, I have to test out my new slippers.” And they’re small enough to fit in your DIY basket.

    Flat lay composition with house slippers, sleeping mask and robe on light background

    Liudmila Chernetska/ Getty Images

  • Books

    If your giftee is a bookworm, then you can’t go wrong with a book. If you can’t make up your mind on what kind of book. Maybe go for a book card from their favorite bookstore instead. You can even go the extra mile with your gift and create a personalized message in the book after you buy it. Some bookstores like Barnes & Noble offer this kind of service. Another fun idea would be to gift an affirmation book.

    Close up of book tied with ribbon and gift tag

    Tom Merton/ Getty Images

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