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As the economic world continues to see ebbs and flows, many people are relying on credit to help them get by. But in Fayetteville, that might be harder than most everywhere else, as the city has some of the worst credit scores in the country, according to one study.

Researchers at WalletHub.com analyzed credit scores across 182 cities in the United States, and found that the median credit score in Fayetteville was 628. That landed our community at 176 out of the 182 cities in the study.

Good credit scores are important for a variety of reasons, including buying a home or a car, or even getting approved to rent an apartment.

“Having a good or excellent credit score opens up so many doors for you,” said Cassandra Happe, an analyst with WalletHub. “Not only does it help you get approved for future loans and lines of credit, but it also reduces your interest rate and increases the amount you’re able to borrow. A good credit score can even make you a stronger candidate for employment, help you with renting housing, and make you a more attractive dating partner.”

Improving the Worst Credit Scores

Before we get into the rankings, it’s important to know that there are a lot of factors at play here. And that it’s never too late to do things to improve even the worst credit scores.

WalletHub says these tips are the best for improving your credit scores:

  • Always pay your credit accounts on time;
  • Keep your credit utilization as low as possible;
  • Regularly check your credit reports;
  • Avoid opening multiple accounts at once;
  • Don’t close unused accounts.

So let’s get to some of the rankings for the worst credit scores in the country. We’ll look at the top three cities, the bottom three cities, and where a couple of our North Carolina counterparts fall for worst credit scores.

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