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April Burkes and Savannah Cullison got a chance to be in the Miranda Lambert lyric Video for "If I Was a Cowboy."

A first trip to Nashville turned out to be a lucky one for a Fayetteville woman and her daughter, as they ended up landing in a Miranda Lambert lyric video.

April Burkes, a hair stylist at Fusion Salon in Downtown Fayetteville, and her daughter Savannah Cullison make an appearance in the just-released Miranda Lambert lyric video for her new song, “If I Was a Cowboy”

The song is the first single released back in October, off of Lambert’s “The Marfa Tapes” album.

“I wrote this song with my new friend, Jesse Frasure. We met doing the remix of ‘Tequila Does’ and he and I just got together one afternoon for a write and this is what came out of it,” explained Lambert in a release on the song. “It’s funny, he’s a Detroit boy and I’m an East Texan, but somehow we wrote a song about the Wild West together.”

As for Burkes and Cullison, the mother-daughter tandem, along with Savannah’s friend Devon Nance, were in Nashville in mid-November for a wedding for a friend (WKML’s very own former employee Chatham McTindal – now Mrs. Carbonell!). Wanting to turn it into a worthwhile family vacation, Burkes made the most of her first Nashville trip.

“Chatham was one of my hair clients, and turned into a friend, so we decided to make a fun vacation out of going to see her in Nashville,” Burkes said. “We follow Casa Rosa on Instagram, and they posted about the video shoot.”

While they didn’t get to actually meet Miranda Lambert, they were excited to have the opportunity to be in the lyric video. Here’s how it played out:

  • First Casa Rosa posted this:

    If you didn’t already know, Casa Rosa is Miranda Lambert’s honkey-tonk bar in Nashville.

  • They HAD to Go!

    “We pulled out our most sparkly and biggest Nashville outfits we packed,” Burkes said. Then We ventured in an Earth Ride in the rain to Casa Rosa.”

    April Burkes Miranda Lambert Lyric Video

    April, Devon and Savannah in their Nashville best outfits.

  • Quite a Turnout

    While there were a lot of people there to get a chance to be in the video, the trio all got their shots.

    “I had a frozen drink from Lambert’s bar, and they had us keep the drinks and toast each other for the video shots,” Burkes said. “Then Savannah and Devon wanted their own separate videos, so they each made the cut as well!”

    Miranda Lambert lyric video

    Fans were asked to pose in front of the step-and-repeat backdrop for the video.

  • The Final Product

    Burkes and Cullison appear together at the 2 minute, 45 second mark of the video, happily clinking their drinks together.

    Miranda Lambert lyric video

    Savannah Cullison and April Burkes at the 2:45 mark of the video.

  • And Here's the Video!