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Garth Brooks began his five nights of sold-out shows in Ireland on Friday (9/9), one day after Queen Elizabeth II passed away. Some people on Twitter are not happy about it at all, while many in Ireland are thrilled he did not cancel any of his five shows to mourn the Queen.

After Garth played his first show there over the weekend, he issued a press release back in the U.S. saying, “I can tell you this – no matter how much you know or don’t know about Garth Brooks, you go to Ireland [and] it’s a whole new chapter. People think they know who we are; people think they know the music. It takes on a whole different world when you hit Ireland. It’s something to behold.”

Brooks posted to Instagram after his first show there, “I’ve dreamed about this night… IRELAND, you were even better than my dreams! I’m in LOVE with YOU.”

After night two in Ireland, he posted to Instagram, “What happened on The River tonight is why I play music!!!! I LOVE YOU, IRELAND 🇮🇪!!!! Love, g #GARTHinIRELAND.”

Garth again posted two days later, “When we sang The Dance together tonight, I realized… As great as 2014 could have been, it could not have held a candle to 2022 at Croke Park with YOU!! I LOVE IRELAND 🇮🇪 !!!!!! Love, g #GARTHinIRELAND.”

We gathered some Tweets from fans who thought he should have canceled the shows out of respect for the Queen’s death and those who are glad he is playing all five nights.

  • Out of Respect

  • He Should Cancel

  • Just Saying

  • Against The Monarchy

  • Loving this News

  • Have You Canceled In America?

  • Not Our Queen

  • Sitting Garth Down

  • We're Irish and He's American

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