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French's created a ketchup popsicle and it might be the grossest summer food we can imagine.

Let’s start off with saying that we love our neighbors to the north in Canada, but ketchup popsicles are the worst gross summer food we can think of.

Yes, the good people over at French’s (you know, the mustard people), recently kicked off summer with special edition “Frenchsicle” ketchup-flavored popsicles.

The limited time only “treat” was offered just for the week in Vancouver, Toronto, and Leamington in Canada. French’s partnered with Canadian treat maker Harry Pops for the collab.

“This year we’re bringing the fun back to summer with the Frenchsicle,” said Trevor Squires, Country Manager, for McCormick & Company, Canada. “It’s exciting to celebrate local food and flavour; from the roots of the Frenchsicle, made with 100 per cent Canadian tomatoes, to our Happy Pops partnership.”

That got us thinking about other gross foods that we aren’t really interested in trying. We found a bunch of extreme ones, and we figured we’d help gross you out as well. Enjoy!