The Big Wake Up With Don Chase and Sarah

The Big Wake Up With Don Chase and Sarah

The Big Wake Up With Don Chase and Sarah

Kimberly Perry has seen a lot of change the last couple of years, launching her solo career with a sequel to the hit song that made her and her brothers famous.

If you don’t exactly know the name Kimberly Perry, you definitely know who this Nashville star is. The Big Wake Up with Don Chase and Sarah were thrilled to have Kimberly calling in to catch up.

Kimberly and her brothers Reid and Neil made up the trio The Band Perry, best known for their huge hit “If I Die Young.” It was Kimberly’s voice that swooned on the No. 1 track.

But a lot has changed for Kimberly and her brothers. The Band Perry switched to a more pop vibe before officially going their separate ways earlier this year. That’s been part of a big series of changes for Kimberly.

“The last couple of years, especially, have just been a time of such wild and wonderful change,” she said. “During Covid – October of 2020 – I met my husband in Dallas, Texas. We eloped to Vegas eight months later for a midnight ceremony, so I got married!”

After the wedding, Perry moved to Nashville for the first time, something she said she had dreamed about since she was a kid.

“I immediately starting writing songs with so many of my heroes here in town,” Perry said. “And as of last November – apparently – we’re going to have a baby. He will be here the last week of August.”

With Whitaker James Costello – the planned name for her baby boy – coming soon, he’s going to have mom’s new music to listen to right away. Kimberly’s solo EP “Bloom” launched today (June 9), and with it, she has gone back to her roots – in a way – as her first single is a sequel to the massive hit that made her band famous.

“I wrote the OG ‘If I Die Young’ when I was in my early 20s by myself, in my bedroom in East Tennessee,” she said. “There were so many things in my life I was hoping for and wishing for. But I was also hedging my bets a little. I was like ‘If it all ends right now, it’s ok.'”

The validation she created from that space helped so many, but she was thrilled to update the song with some of the blessings she’s experienced since then, on “If I Die Young Part 2.”

PUSH PLAY to check out the Don Chase and Sarah interview with Kimberly Perry from Nashville, and after the interview check out a list of the biggest songs from The Band Perry including the very last song which happens to be Don’s personal favorite.

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  • The Band Perry "Gentle On My Mind"

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