The Big Wake Up With Don Chase and Sarah

The Big Wake Up With Don Chase and Sarah

The Big Wake Up With Don Chase and Sarah

What costumes do you expect to be the most popular this year?

Halloween is hands down one of my favorite holidays, and I love the Halloween costume trends every year! And I’m not just saying that because I’m an October baby… ok maybe a little bit. But finding the most popular Halloween costumes every year is always a fun project! And making those costumes your own is even more of a challenge! So I was on a mission to find the most popular Halloween costumes in 2023.

We’ve had GIANT movies this year like Barbie and Oppenheimer. And we’ve had massive streaming hits with Netflix, HBO, Amazon, and more! So many iconic looks and characters to choose from. It can be understandably overwhelming. (Here were some of last year’s.)

So while I can’t tell you exactly how to put your costume together, I can at least give you the rundown of some of this year’s most popular characters. And hopefully, provide a little inspiration for you.

If you find me around the office on Halloween, there’s no telling what you’ll find me in. Some days I think I want to go all-out with an elaborate costume, and other days I think maybe I’ll be lucky to get out of my pajamas.

But in the meantime, I found some of the most popular costumes for you to rock solo this Halloween 2023, along with a few couple and group ideas!

  • Barbie

    I can see this all pink cowgirl Barbie outfit being a HUGE hit this Halloween. It’s easy to replicate, and after the popularity of the Barbie Movie, easy to recognize. If you want to go as a couple, adding in the Ken outfit is also an easy and recognizable fix!

  • Wednesday

    The Netflix series Wednesday was such a huge hit for this already very popular Halloween costume! And thanks to some of the iconic looks served by actress Jenna Ortega, we have even more variety with the all black fashionable looks. From cat costumes, to formal dance attire, and of course the iconic black braids! This go-to character is an easy Halloween costume to pull off at any age!

  • The Last Of Us

    The Last Of Us is a show based off the popular video game of the same title. This post-apocalyptic look should be fairly easy to pull off! Grab some outdoor/hiking gear, a backpack, and look a little disheveled! Or, if you want to go full speed, show off your skills with dressing as one of the infected!

  • Oppenheimer

    Oppenheimer is up there with Barbie as one of the biggest movies to be released this year! So I have a feeling the popular 1940’s/1950’s male attire will be a popular hit during this year’s Halloween season. Given the relevance, it will be super recognizable as a costume, and it’s a fairly easy look to replicate! All that’s really missing is actor Cillian Murphy’s chiseled jaw and sharp facial features….

  • Queen Charlotte

    Quite frankly, any Bridgerton look would be iconic. The series is a certified SMASH on Netflix, and the Queen Charlotte story is no exception. From the corset dresses to giant hair and tiaras, this look will be so fun for Halloween and those feeling especially royal!

  • Daisy Jones and the Six

    If you’ve got a group of friends looking for a collective costume idea, I think Daisy Jones and the Six is a wonderful choice! If you haven’t seen this Amazon Prime hit series, RUN, don’t walk, to watch it! Especially if you’re a fan of 60’s/70’s music like Fleetwood Mac! This group costume idea for Halloween would be a great way to take the usual flashback look to an elevated and relevant level.

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