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Conner Smith lands on Sarah's playlist this week.

Let’s start 2023 off on the right foot! I’ve got a fresh new Monday playlist for you – with vibes all over the place!

Flatland Cavalry was featured on an episode of Yellowstone this season. And like most songs featured on Yellowstone, I instantly thought “I HAVE to have it!” I instantly looked up the band and this particular song, and fell in love. This is definitely the type of music I love to listen to while hiking or camping. It will get you feeling very zen.

Renee Rapp, a native of Huntersville, NC, released her first album just a few short months ago in November of 2022. She launched her career on Broadway and interestingly enough has transitioned into the Pop music world very well. Her following is serious. This song came across my TikTok and I’m hooked.

Conner Smith’s “Take It Slow” reminds me so much of dating for the first time in High School. It encompasses that sense of newness, and the overwhelming feelings that come with a relationship at a young age. The chorus sets a dating scene perfectly, and I personally love Conner’s effortless way of singing. He doesn’t try to polish everything perfectly and it fits this song.

  • Flatland Cavalry - Mountain Song

  • Renee Rapp - In The Kitchen

  • Conner Smith - Take It Slow