The Big Wake Up With Don Chase and Sarah

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Sarah is in a great mood for a Monday, and her outdoorsy playlist gives you a hint why!

For a Monday, I’m in a super good mood! Why you may ask? Because I just purchased my plane ticket to head out west with my brothers for another annual backpacking trip!

Every year we find a new place to explore for 3-4 days. No cell service. No fancy hotel. Just what we can fit on our backs and the wild fresh air. Oh, and bears…. but we’ll ignore that for now!

So this Monday, I’m in my granola outdoorsy mood. Which means my music choices to get this week started are a little more on the folk/alternative side.

Today we feature: John Muirhead, Noah Kahan and The Lumineers! I hope you enjoy!

  • John Muirhead - Tank of Gas

  • Noah Kahan - Stick Season

  • The Lumineers - Angela