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Morgan Wallen speaks during the 13th CMA Triple Play Awards at Saint Elle on March 01, 2023 in Nashville, Tennessee.

This is not my typical Monday Playlist. The 36-song brand new album from Morgan Wallen “One Thing At A Time” officially dropped over the weekend! And as usual, Morgan did not disappoint. Now let’s be real, it’s a lot of music. And it’s a lot to take in over just one weekend. So this Monday playlist is my top three immediate favorites from the new album upon first listen!

First up we have F150-50. Something about this song reminds me a lot of 865 from his Dangerous album- which is one of my all time favorite Morgan songs. I love the lyricism and play on words.

Next is Keith Whitley. Enough said. You name a song after a legend like Keith, you know it’s going to be good! It tugs on the heart strings in just the right way.

And my third immediate favorite upon first listen is 180 (Lifestyle). It’s just dang catchy! It stood out like a sore thumb. Plus, I can see myself singing this live with 50,000 other fans at a Morgan concert!

  • Morgan Wallen - F150-50

  • Morgan Wallen - Keith Whitley

  • Morgan Wallen - 180 (Lifestyle)