Charlie understood the assignment. Building a snowman is a must.

So Fayetteville, you got your snow just like we promised you would (not that we’re bragging or anything), but now that the stuff is on the ground, you probably need some tips for what to do. If not, just play along, we needed something to do today.

First, let’s take a look at what happened with the weather.

A lot of things had to go right for Fayetteville to get snow in the first place, let alone as much as we got. The moisture has to hit at the same time that both ground AND upper air temperatures are cold enough. Over and over again we’ve seen our hearts break when snow was in the forecast, only for one of those three things to hit at the wrong time. And poof…no snow for Fayetteville.

That played out last weekend, when we just saw some gross ice, because the ground and upper air temps just produced sleet instead of snow. Nobody wants to make an Ice Man (unless you’re watching “Top Gun” anyway). Then on Thursday night, we saw it happen again. There wasn’t a huge chance that we would get snow Thursday night, but there was a LOT of rain, and it felt cold.

But alas, that rain didn’t do anything but… keep on raining. The good thing though, is that Thursday night rain helped pave the way for what happened Friday night. And yeah, it would have been nicer if the snow fell during the daytime, but beggars can’t be choosers right?

So… now what? Well, we’ve got some ideas for how our Fayetteville family can make the most of having the snow now with some handy tips. Here’s a few of them:

  • 1. First of All, STAY OFF THE ROADS!

    Look, we know it’s fun to go out and see the snow all over the place, but it’s dangerous. Especially once the sun goes down. It’s not getting hot enough to fully melt this stuff yet, and it is cold enough for black ice to appear, especially on bridges and untreated roads.

    So, just stay at home. It’s a good Netflix and literal chill day.

  • 2. Make a Snowman, Duh

    Fayetteville snow

    Charlie understood the assignment. Building a snowman is a must.

    Look, if there’s snow on the ground, you gotta build a snowman. It’s just what you do. Otherwise, how do you expect the magic hat to work? Come on people, it’s not rocket surgery.

    Charlie understood the assignment. He built this snowman (though we are sure Jennifer and Gary are gonna try to take credit… especially Gary), and it’s delightful.

    So go do that. Right now. Don’t wait.

  • 3. Make a Snow Angel

    Fayetteville snow angel

    Adam gets it. He made the perfect snow angel.

    While you’re out making that snowman, might as well take a dive in and make a snow angel. It’s a must-do when Fayetteville has snow. How else will you commemorate the event?

  • 4. Make Some Snow Cream!

    Word of caution, don’t use the yellow snow for this. It’s not lemon flavored.

  • 5. Have a Snowball Fight

    If you are ready to show your allegiance to your home, and to battle sworn enemies, doing it in the snow is way more fun than any other way.

  • 6. Share Your Photos With Us!

    You’re gonna be out there taking lots of fun photos. So you might as well add them to the gallery and just enjoy everyone’s fun time. Head to the link below to share yours!

    Hey Fayetteville, Show Us Your Snow Photos!
  • 7. Go Inside and Defrost

    Fayetteville Snow

    Pamela Simmons Fatone enjoying the snow outside. Briefly. It’s cold.

    All of that playing in the snow is great and all, but there’s a reason we all live in the South. It’s cold out there. So while Pamela up there looks like she is enjoying the snow… you can tell it’s not gonna last for long.

  • 8. Make Some Fun Popcorn

    This really doesn’t have much to do with the snow outside, but since you’re gonna be inside trying to stay warm now, why not make some of these yummy creative popcorn recipes?!

    9 Unique Popcorn Recipes to Celebrate National Popcorn Day

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