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KC in the Afternoon

KC in the Afternoon

Walker Hayes hits Raleigh tonight and we want you to be ready for the show.

It’s time for North Carolina to get fancy like! Country sensation Walker Hayes is bringing his Duck Buck tour to the Red Hat Amphitheater in Raleigh, North Carolina tonight. But he’s not coming alone – with him are up-and-coming hitmakers Ingrid Andress and Breland, who will open the show.

Walker Hayes has been in the country-sphere for a lot longer than most would expect, having released his first single way back 2010. But it wasn’t until mid-2021 when he finally broke into the mainstream conversation with his massively successful song, Fancy Like. The song garnered near overnight success on TikTok after Hayes posted a video of he and his daughter doing a choreographed dance to the song that took the popular social media app by storm.

The song took off from there, securing the No. 3 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and even earning Walker a Grammy nomination. With all that in mind, it’s no wonder he’s able to do this gigantic 24-show summer tour. In an interview with Billboard, Walker expressed how humbled he’s been by the whole experience. “Every night, we stand up there onstage, and I just think about how far we’ve come together and I wouldn’t trade a single moment.”

All the pieces are in place for an unforgettable night with Walker Hayes in Raleigh. I’m personally stoked to see him as well! There’s not many artists I’m willing to endure near 100 degree heat to see, but Walker Hayes is one of them! But before the show tonight, here’s a handy list of a few songs that are sure to be on the set list. This list will also feature awesome songs from Ingrid Andress and Breland as well, so you can have fun and sing along before Walker Hayes even shows up!

Here’s the Walker Hayes songs you should blast through your speakers on the way to the show in Raleigh tonight:

  • Walker Hayes - Fancy Like


    I mean, duh? While I do suspect Walker will be a little cheeky and make fans wait a bit for this one, it’s a virtual guarantee that he’s gonna bust out Fancy Like at some point. Afterparty at Applebee’s maybe?

  • Walker Hayes - AA


    AA has an undeniably cool groove to it, with tongue-in-cheek lyrics that make it a fun sing-along jam. As catchy as the song is, however, it also paints a true to life story about Walker’s past struggles with alcoholism. Thankfully, he’ll be celebrating 8 years of sobriety in October, and is clearly now enjoying the fruits of his labor. Make sure to raise a toast when this song starts up…with a bottle of water of course.

  • Walker Hayes - Show Me The Country


    This is as fresh as fresh gets! This brand new song of his feels tailor-made for a live concert performance. Show Me The Country is lively, energetic, and is sure to get some heads bobbin’ and arms wavin’ at any show he performs it.

  • Ingrid Andress - Wishful Drinking


    Leave it to Ingrid to make a song about destructive post-break up coping mechanisms sound like an absolute BOP. Wishful Drinking blends pop instrumentals with soulful country lyricism masterfully, and is practically a shoo-in to make an appearance during her set.

    Note to Ingrid: if Sam Hunt can’t make it to the show tonight, I’ll be happy to fill in. Or is THAT just wishful drinking?

  • Ingrid Andress - More Hearts Than Mine


    I don’t know whether or not to classify this as a breakup song, since it serves as more of a warning to the singer’s prospective love interest. Either way, Ingrid definitely knows her niche and she does it well every time. Expect this big breakout single of hers to possibly close her set tonight at Red Hat.

  • Breland - For What It's Worth


    Breland is definitely a rising star you should keep your eye on over the next few years, especially if he keeps releasing songs like this. I promise there won’t be a dry eye in the house once this song comes on tonight, and that includes myself as well.

  • Breland ft. Ingrid Andress - Here For It


    Come on, they’d be messing with us if they didn’t sing this one, right? Breland’s there. Ingrid’s there. The song slaps. Let’s do this!

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