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Some of the best local honey in the country comes right here from North Carolina.

There’s been a lot of buzz around the benefits of North Carolina local honey and we here in the Sandhills area are especially lucky because we have the rarest of rare honeys: purple honey.

The Sandhills of North Carolina are thought to be the only place in the world where purple honey is produced! Some say it’s the only place on Earth where this mystery of nature is found. The exact cause of the purple color remains unknown, though there are several theories including sourwood trees growing in high aluminum soils, kudzu or titi plants, and muscadine grapes.


In the #Sandhills of NorthCarolina, #bees produce #purple honey. It is the only place on #Earth where it is found. 📷via reddit@GoldenChinchilla 📷Photo by Taylor Boys

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However, some beekeepers dispute these, noting the purple honey appears before kudzu blooms and that sourwood is more common in the mountains than the Sandhills. The purple honey has a distinctive fruity, sweet flavor compared to regular honey. It’s described as tangy and very sweet with a familiar yet hard to identify fruit undertone. The color is natural, not an additive. It can range from a deep purple to a more bluish hue. The purple honey also tends to be thinner in consistency than regular honey.

Why choose North Carolina local honey over the mass-produced varieties found in grocery stores?

Local honey is a delicious and nutritious treat that offers many benefits, especially when sourced from apiaries in your area. Local honey has some great benefits such as allergy relief, which is great news for those of us that suffer during the pollen season. Local honey contains small amounts of pollen from plants in your area. Consuming this honey regularly can help your body build up a tolerance, reducing seasonal allergy symptoms. Antioxidants and nutrients; raw, unprocessed honey is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that support overall health and wellness. It’s also a cough suppressant! Honey has been shown to be an effective natural cough suppressant, making it a great remedy for sore throats and respiratory issues.

Where to buy Local Honey

In and around Fayetteville, North Carolina, there are several great options for finding high-quality, locally produced honey. One excellent source is Beehive Yourself, a local business that infuses their honey with healthy flavors. They use all-natural ingredients and take pride in offering a product that not only tastes great but also provides the health benefits associated with raw, local honey.

Another option is Secret Garden Bees in nearby Linden, NC. This veteran owned; family-owned apiary is known for their exceptional raw honey. They take great care in maintaining their hives and extracting the honey in a way that preserves its natural goodness. Local favorite spot for honey goodness is Curate Essentials, located at 1302 Fort Bragg Road in Fayetteville. While not in Fayetteville, King Cobra Apiary in Alamance and Orange Counties offers raw North Carolina honey with no additives that is never heated.

LocalHoneyFinder.org provides a list of North Carolina beekeepers, apiaries, and beehives that sell local honey, raw or pasteurized, honeycombs, beeswax, pollen and more.

There are a few other rare or unique types of honey found in North Carolina besides the famous purple honey:

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