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Your help is needed! You can donate blood in Fayetteville right now to help fight a critical shortage.

Cape Fear Valley Blood Donor Center has put out an urgent need for you to donate blood here in Fayetteville. And it might just get you some free Krispy Kreme Doughnuts (see below).

Thank goodness for my mobile device. I am learning that my cell phone calendar forgets nothing and keeps me on track. A couple days ago, I was reminded that it is time for me to donate blood. That’s perfect timing as there is currently that urgent need for blood donors right here in Fayetteville.

My first time donating was while attending Southeastern Community College in Whiteville. Somewhere, I still have my Red Cross donation card.

Earlier this month, Cape Fear Valley talked about the importance of why you should donate blood in this critical shortage level.

“We want to advise people, if they or their family members know they will soon be needing surgery, or have a surgery scheduled at any hospital in the Cape Fear Valley Health system, please come donate now and do a directed donation,” said Blood Donor Center Manager Amy Fisher. “Some of these patients include those who are scheduled to have a high-risk birth, cardiac patients and oncology patients.”

At the time of that release on January 6, they were short about 75 percent on available blood units.

There are always a million great reasons to point out why becoming a blood donor in Fayetteville is so important, but let me share 3 great reasons to donate.

To donate, I have the links below to the Blood Donor Center in Fayetteville and also to the Red Cross.

In case you needed a little bit of a boost to get you out there, here are a few reasons to help donate blood in Fayetteville.

  • 1 - There is a critical shortage of blood not only in our area but nationwide

    This one is easy to understand. Things are bad right now, and you can help.

  • 2-You will get a free health check

    This isn’t necessarily a major reason, but it’s a nice one to help keep you healthy. They’ll check your blood pressure, pulse, temperature and iron levels. Won’t cost you a penny.

  • 3 - Your donation can save as many as 3 lives

    Just one person helping to save the lives of three others is a miracle.

  • 4 - There's Free Doughnuts Involved

    With the nation facing its worst blood shortage in over a decade, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts wanted to find a way to show...

    Posted by Cape Fear Valley Blood Donor Center on Monday, January 24, 2022