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With the news that Season 23 will be Blake Shelton’s last season, we wondered who will replace Blake on NBC’s The Voice after he leaves. Who could fill the shoes of the longest-standing and most-winning coach on the show with 11 seasons under his belt before he embarks on his last Season, 23?

We gathered a handful of country stars we believe can get the job done and represent country music on the same level as Shelton.

  • Dolly Parton: She would be hilarious in the role.

    Dolly Parton

    Most people already know that Dolly is quick-witted, very funny, and would be a great chair turner on The Voice. However, she is also very lovely and would have a problem criticizing anyone or hurting the feelings of someone who dares to dream of music stardom. Plus, she is already so busy it’s doubtful she would be able to handle a two-night-a-week TV schedule. Parton does say “yes” to a lot lately, and who knows, maybe she would take The Voice plunge if asked just right by NBC, whom she already has a TV movie deal with.

  • Brad Paisley: A natural comedian and music expert.

    Brad Paisley

    A little-known fact is that Brad was in the running for Luke Bryan’s spot on American Idol before Idol chose Bryan. Brad has always been a funny guy and has even filled in as a host on Jimmy Kimmel’s show on ABC.

  • Carrie Underwood: She is so loyal to "American Idol."

    Carrie Underwood

    Carrie is quite faithful to American Idol, which made her the superstar she is today, so not sure if she would take an offer from The Voice as Kelly Clarkson did. However, if she did take a turn in the big red chair, no doubt she would be fabulous at it.

  • Tim McGraw: Tim's knowledge would be an asset.

    Tim McGraw

    Tim would be great in the big red chair if he took over Shelton’s spot on The Voice. With his budding acting career, he does spend a reasonable amount of time in California, so maybe a fit into The Voice would work for McGraw.

  • Keith Urban: Would Keith swap the Australian 'Voice' for America?

    Keith Urban

    Keith did appear in The Voice Australia for several seasons before he bowed out recently to spend more time with his family. While he is well qualified, we are not sure he would swap one Voice in his native Australia to do the same in America. Urban was also an American Idol judge from 2013-2016.

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